Welcome one and all

So here it is, my first ever blog post! After God knows how many hours trying to figure out which blog to use (there seems to be an infinite amount out there) I decided with Blogger. It seems to be doing the trick thus far and hasn't caused me to have a melt down just yet so the signs appear to be good. 

This will be a place for me to slap my works of art for everyone to see. That is the point of illustration after all...although when I was younger I did have a bit of a fear of showing people my work. Anyway, aside from having a place to show my work I will probably end up talking about my other passion in life which is food. I don't think I'm cool enough just yet to be classed as a "foodie blogger" but if I find I have something interesting to say on the subject then this blog will be where I will dump it. Whether it be what I made for din dins or where I ate out I'm sure I will have an opinion on it. 

Seeing as I figured out how to do this at around midnight and am getting rather sleepy I will shut up now. 


I shall also make myself a better logo! Early stages people so calm down!