Spit & Roast Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich, Eat Street

Reviewing food isn't the main focus of this blog, but as I like food so much I thought I'd give it a little try.

Seeing as I was in London the other week to do research for my Illustration food project I felt that eating was of course the best possible way to achieve this. I hadn't actually been to Eat St before as I don't really stay around Kings X much when I'm in London. I was meeting my brother though so as it was nearby we rushed through the grim, wet, London weather to find the stalls lining the street. After realising I didn't have any cash on me (I forget not everyone takes card!) I ran back to the station, got my money and returned to my brother who had ordered one of these sandwiches. For a little while I've had a hankering for some crispy deep fried chicken so I thought I would copy him as the description sounded rather tantalising. "buttermilk fried chicken with apple colelsaw and Korean chilli sauce". What's not to like about that?

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich at Spit & Roast, Kings Boulevard, Kings X

The sandwich itself was actually quite tasty. Juicy chicken and a nice soft bun that complemented the meat and crispy coleslaw. The texture of each bite was very satisfying. The chicken whilst tasty and juicy wasn't as crispy as perhaps I had lead myself to believe. The flavour was there but when I eat fried chicken, apart from  delicious spices swarming around my tongue, I want it crispy! The only crispiness was from the coleslaw. Considering the sign said Apple coleslaw I found that it didn't actually taste of apple at all. It went well with the chicken as you'd expect from coleslaw as the two are a perfect match, but there was absolutely no taste of apple to be had which is a shame. The Korean chilli sauce seemed to lack any kick to it too. Perhaps I just have a higher heat tolerance to some. Others may find the spice to be perfect.

The sandwich came in at a price of £5.50. It was relatively filling and certainly filled the hole in my belly, but I expected better to be honest. The chicken was lovely, the seasoning was right, but the lack of crunch to it was a bit of a disappointment. Plus with the lack of heat in the sauce and zero apple in the 'slaw I was left a bit let down.

On another day the chicken could probably be lovely and crispy. If that is the case I am very annoyed that it wasn't for me seeing as I have had a huge urge for fried chicken lately and it didn't fully fill that void. Maybe the grim weather had a negative effect on me too, hmmmm. The place certainly has potential though.

Score - 6/10 

Tasty chicken, lovely soft bun but not the crispiness I was after, nor as spicy as I would have liked.